Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

Balanced and functional posture is the foundation for all movement in the body and is the foundation of the Pilates method of exercise.

Joseph Pilates originally called it a “corrective system of exercising” and was based on correcting weak posture. This is how he advertised his original studio…

Prof. Pilates’ Health Studio

“Where flat feet, curvature of the spine, protruding stomach, stooped shoulders, hollow chest, hollow back, bowlegs and knock kneed conditions are cured through corrective exercises”

Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Well posture isn’t being anything…it just is! Pilates is the only exercise method specifically designed to “correct” posture and develop strength at the same time.

We’re all born with a postural “profile” which might be seen in other family members as well.  Some postural profiles are naturally balanced and aligned and others may cause issues to develop in the body.

Your natural postural profile only needs to be corrected if it’s causing you problems with movement or putting stress or strain on joints and muscles.

Now, as soon as you mention the word posture most people attempt to be more upright, with good reason.

Gravity is essentially squashing us all day long, pushing us to the ground. It’s the reason that we don’t fly off into space! When the astronauts go into space, they grow, sometimes up to 5cms!

It’s important to remember that we all have very individual posture and what is ideal for one person, may not be ideal for another


Chronic postural imbalances may not present any problems for years. All of a sudden you develop a sore neck, knee, have a lower back injury which may have been either prevented or minimised by addressing postural issues sooner.

The very first step in any Pilates corrective strength program is to address postural imbalances and develop structural integrity and resilience to prevent injury and build strength from the inside out.

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