Top 3 Reasons Pilates Will Fix Your Back Pain

Top 3 Reasons Pilates Will Fix Your Back Pain

Pilates is now widely recognised for its ability to help overcome back pain and build core strength.


But do you know why?


Here are the top three reasons why Pilates can fix back pain and get rid of those daily aches and pains.  


1. Pilates develops balanced muscle strength

“Perfect balance of body & mind” is the foundation of the pilates method of exercise. Now back pain could be the result of an acute injury (car accident), or the most common reason is due to an imbalance in the development (or lack of), muscle strength. Either way, when you have back pain, your deep postural muscles that support the spine become weak and stop doing their job.

Pilates develops strength from the inside out, creating structural integrity, whilst developing dynamic power at the same time. Every muscle is working in synergy and doing their job of either supporting the spine and pelvis or moving the body.  

2. Pilates will correct poor posture

Our modern lifestyle does not promote great posture! Just look around and you’ll see the “text neck” posture, or the forward head “laptop” posture, not to mention tight hips due to all the sitting we do. When your posture is out of alignment, it puts stress and strain on joints, including the spine causing pain and tension.

As we’ve already said, Pilates develops balanced strength in the body and focuses on getting the deep postural or supporting muscles strong. Pilates is the only exercise method that focuses specifically on these muscles and correcting postural imbalances.  

3. Pilates will increase flexibility & mobility

Flexibility is so much more than just stretching. Stretching is one component for sure, but for function we want long AND strong muscles and mobile joints.

Pilates lengthens but also strengthens muscles as they get longer so when you’re bending over or reaching to pick your child up or grab some groceries off the top shelf you are strong in a lengthened position.

Look there are lots of ways you can get fit these days but the Pilates is the only exercise method that builds posture, flexibility and core strength at the same time developing your awareness of how to move efficiently and effectively to prevent back pain.  

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