How Strong is Your Spine?

How Strong is Your Spine?

The Pilates method of exercise is renowned for its ability to develop core strength. In fact, it’s the number one goal of most people who start pilates…to have a strong core.

But what about your spine?

We know that the term core strength includes all the muscles of the trunk and torso, including the spine muscles, but is spine strength your number one focus?

Joseph Pilates described the spine as “the ridge pole” of the body, which requires incredible strength and flexibility, (both with equal importance) to keep us upright and to enjoy a healthy and happy spine over a lifetime.

“Civilization impairs physical fitness” is a quote from Joseph that is still so relevant today.

Our sitting technological based lifestyle causes stiffness and weakness in the spine and unless you are working to counter act this, it will be inevitable that your spine will either present you with a problem or degenerate at a faster pace than it needs to.

Stretching the spine daily is a fantastic habit to develop, but would you say that you have an equal amount of flexibility and strength?

How often do you do specific spine strengthening exercises?

Here’s another question for you?

How often does your spine “switch off” during the day? Compared to how often it’s working?

Take the time to dedicate just one day (a typical during the week day) with an increased awareness of your spine. Write down how often and for how long your spine relaxes and reclines into a seat.

If your spine is Pilates trained, strong and flexible, even when you are sitting in a chair, it will continue to work and keep you upright. Reclining and lounging back in a chair with a completely switched off spine will feel “odd”.

Also include in your day of spine awareness, standing activities, like standing in lines at the supermarket and become aware of how long you can stand without “feeling” it in your spine.

If you do become aware that your spine isn’t strong enough to support your body throughout the day, it’s very simple to develop spine strength. First, learn how to do spine exercises properly, then…do them!!!!

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