Pilates - It's a Lifestyle!

Pilates - It's a Lifestyle!

The Pilates method of exercise is amazing!

That’s why it has exploded globally and is now a mainstream exercise option. It’s the results it gives…there truly is nothing else like it.

But as Joseph Pilates himself states, the desired outcome of practicing pilates is to live as long as possible in normal health and enjoy the benefits of a useful and happy life.

The pilates exercises are the foundation of “normal health”, as Joseph describes it but he also talks about the lifestyle you need to live on top of practicing the exercise.

What he was talking about nearly 100 years ago is still very relevant to what we are dealing with today in regard to our current “health crisis”.


The pilates lifestyle foundations are:

  • Complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit by developing your physical health with the corrective pilates method of exercise
  • Getting outdoors, breathing clean air, being in nature and developing your immune system by getting outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Having good quality, restorative sleep, and in fact Joseph Pilates invented his own version of a bed which is so different from the ones we use today.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and not putting unnecessary burden on the vital organs, especially the heart and digestive system
  •  Having some form of recreation or play, in other words, enjoying a work/life balance and giving yourself time to switch off from the stresses of every day life


We get bombarded every day with information on how to live a healthy life and but despite  all the knowledge we have at our finger tips, the world has never been more unhealthy.

If you live by these pilates lifestyle principles, you will give yourself the best possible opportunity to live a long, useful and happy life.

Our mission here at Pilates Plus is to bring to life the vision Joseph Pilates had for a better humanity by helping people achieve “normal health”.

We do this by providing Pilates Programs, and not just Pilates classes. What brings us joy and satisfaction is seeing our clients be physically capable of achieving all they want in life and experience complete co ordination of body, mind and spirit.

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