Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

What do you do? A mat pilates class or a mat pilates program?

There are so many ways to participate in a pilates class these days, with a big variation in the type of classes and the style of classes, including online.

And as mat pilates requires no, or very little equipment, if you are new to mat pilates you might assume that it’s OK to just jump in to a class here and there and get results.

But mat pilates is a core strength exercise method and not just a bunch of exercises. It develops movement skills that you then take in to your daily activities and life.

And just like any other skill, there is a learning process that requires dedication and practice, both in and out of the classes you attend. For example, you wouldn’t expect to be able to be capable of playing the piano really well if you jumped in to random classes and didn’t practice at home.

To get the full benefits of mat pilates you need to participate in a mat pilates program that teaches you the foundations and then builds on what you learn each week. You also need to be guided on what home practice you need to do in between classes.

Now this is true for both beginner and advanced mat pilates participants, pilates is a journey, not a destination and no matter what pilates level you are currently at, there is always some component of the practice you will need to be mastered.

So will you get benefits from participating in mat pilates classes? Well, maybe!

It will be dependent on the mat pilates knowledge and experience of both you and your instructor and the results you are striving to achieve. If you are just wanting a core strength workout, then maybe, yes you will get this result…but there is so much more you could be achieving!

Learning the why, what and how of mat pilates gives you the skills to be capable of practicing mat pilates with confidence, anywhere and at any time.

Which is the reason Joseph Pilates created the 34 original mat exercises in the first place. To give as many people as he could the opportunity to have access to his exercise method.

Here at Pilates Plus we teach online mat pilates programs and are constantly inspired by the results our clients achieve. Taking our clients from zero mat pilates experience to mastering the advanced mat pilates exercises is so rewarding for both us and our clients 😊

Do you want to learn about mat pilates, how it can help you develop core strength, flexibility and a strong, healthy spine? 

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