Will Mat Pilates Increase My Fitness?

Will Mat Pilates Increase My Fitness?

What is fitness?

Traditionally, we think of what physical aspects being fit would include: Cardiovascular Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Mobility, Body Composition…and the list could go on and on.

But the definition of fitness is changing as we realise that ultimately, what most people want is to have quality of daily life and to age without movement capability being compromised.

Instead of having a goal of “being fit”, the goal has shifted to developing physical and mental RESILIENCE to “get you fit” to handle all the challenges life throws at you.

What physical and mental resilience means will be different for everyone.

A triathlete will have a different resilience requirement from say, a person who has never exercised before.

The purpose of pilates, and in particular, the traditional mat program outlined by Joseph Pilates in his book, Return To Life, is to enable you to live a happy and purpose filled life without any physical restrictions or limitations.

The exercise method we know as pilates isn’t just a bunch of exercises, it’s a method of developing resilience for life.

The benefits of mat pilates has no limitations. If it’s practiced consistently over a long period of time, your movement capability will increase as you get older, rather than the opposite.

Yes, all the components that create physical and mental resilience are included in mat pilates. Core strength, spine strength and flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, mental fitness, endurance, can all be achieved with a mat pilates program.

Mat pilates is a skill, and like any skill you need to take the time learn the right way, over time and not expect to be in expert at it in ten sessions. You can read about the most common mistakes people make with a mat pilates program here.   

And once learnt mat pilates, it’s a skill that you can take with you and practice at anytime and anywhere.

It’s a life skill that you are never to old to learn and the benefits are incredibly powerful.

Back to the question of will mat pilates increase my fitness? Absolutely it will!!

Here at Pilates Plus, we love mat pilates and are dedicated providing a mat pilates program for all fitness and experience levels and our classes are taught by Diploma qualified, experienced pilates professionals.

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