Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

With the rapid expansion of the pilates industry over the last five years or so, there’s an abundance of pilates mat classes available for people to chose from.

Pilates mat is the most affordable way to practice pilates with most fitness centers and personal training facilities offering classes as part of their group timetable.

It requires minimal equipment, and what you learn in class can be practiced at home, where you can embody the pilates principle of daily practice.

But here’s the mistake may people make about mat pilates…

Just like other fitness or even sporting activities, there is a learning curve. You wouldn’t expect a child to start playing football and be at an elite level straight away. They need to learn skills, the rules of the game, and the specific fitness needed to play.

This is a fundamental principle of learning anything. It takes time to become skilled and proficient at any life activity.

Now the pilates mat is based on the 34 original exercise that Joseph Pilates created. Joseph was supremely fit, and he worked tirelessly to be an example of his own work. These are not easy exercises to master and require an elite level of pilates fitness and skill.

The biggest mistake people make about mat pilates is starting their journey at this elite level, jumping into a random class without laying down any fundamental foundations or even understanding what pilates is.

To truly get benefit from mat pilates, you need to understand the six pilates principles of: concentration, control, centering, breath, precision, flow.

Then you need to progress your way from beginner where you learn these principles, to intermediate where you apply the principles to the 34 traditional exercises then move in to advanced elite level of mastering mat pilates.

This progression can take years and as Joseph Pilates himself says:

“Patience and perseverance are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor”

Your pilates practice should be thought of in terms of your entire life, not just a short term program, and increasing your movement capability as you age, not decreasing.

A mat pilates program should be progressive and taught by experienced, fully qualified instructors who have a deep understanding of the six pilates principles.

Pilates is an exercise method…not just a bunch of random exercises and the benefits of mat pilates when practiced properly are undeniable.

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