5 Reasons You Need To Do Mat Pilates

5 Reasons You Need To Do Mat Pilates

If you're just getting started with pilates, you might be having trouble deciding whether you want to do mat pilates or reformer pilates at a studio/

The reformer has become symbolic of pilates, but that doesn't mean a mat pilates isn't worth your time.

We're not saying that pilates studio equipment including the reformer aren't amazing, but the mat pilates has incredible benefits that cannot be under rated.

The following are unique benefits the pilates mat work offers:

1. Pilates Mat Teaches You The Foundations

Pilates is not just defined by it’s exercises. It has six guiding movement principles: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow. These principles are what makes pilates unique in the fitness world and to master pilates, you need to master these principles. It’s very challenging for a beginner to learn these principles using the reformer as you need your full attention to go to the principles, rather than mastering the equipment.

2. Pilates Mat Gets You Pilates Strong

Pilates strong is different to regular fitness strong. Pilates mat develops core strength and the Pilates Powerhouse. Toning and flattening abdominals as well as full body strength, increasing flexibility at the same time, spine strength and mobility and increased fitness and endurance are what pilates mat is brilliant at developing.  

3. Pilates Mat Increases Mind Fitness

Concentration is a foundation pilates principle. Maintaining mind body focus for a full pilates mat class is like a workout for your brain, with the additional benefit of the pilates breathing increasing oxygen flow and circulation. Mental clarity and alertness, and increased concentration levels throughout your daily activities are a very big bonus benefit!  

4. Pilates Mat Gets You Reformer Ready

Pilates mat is preparation for working with the pilates equipment including the reformer. The skills you learn in the pilates mat exercises will translate in to the work you do on the equipment and this is widely regarded as the most effective way to learn pilates. Pilates mat practice comes first and pilates equipment practice follows, not the other way around.  

5. Pilates Mat Teaches You How To Do Pilates At Home

Ultimately, learning pilates mat gives you the skills and expertise to practice pilates at home. This was the original reason Joseph Pilates created the pilates mat work program. He wanted to give people the ability to benefit from his work without having to leave their homes. Just imagine how strong and fit you would be if instead of sitting on the sofa at night watching Netflix, you did a mat pilates class right there in your lounge room!

Pilates Plus believes in empowering people with mat pilates and specialises in teaching high quality SMALL GROUP pilates mat classes from beginner to advanced with our team of experienced, Diploma qualified instructors.

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