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  • Are You a Pilates Beginner?

    Are You a Pilates Beginner?

    Have you always wanted to try Pilates? You’ve heard about the results it gives people…core strength, flexibility, mobility, good posture and a toned “pilates body”. But you’ve never taken any action on starting a pilates program. Why? Many people can feel afraid that being a pilates beginner, they won’t be able to “do” pilates. Well, this is true! You actually WON’T be able to do pilates if you have never done it before! Every single person who has accomplished and learnt the PILATES method of exercise started from the same place that you are right now…AS A BEGINNER!! That’s right, even Pilates Teachers ....

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  • Pilates...Much More Than a Six Pack of Abs

    Pilates...Much More Than a Six Pack of Abs

    So what do you know about Pilates? Maybe you’ve been “doing” it for a while, or have heard of it and know that it’s good for core strength and helps back pain and think of it as an exercise method, which it is. But it is in fact much more than just exercises…more about that in a little while. First let’s look at Pilates as it is today. It has literally exploded in the past 10 years and has become an accepted, mainstream form of exercise, which is awesome to see. You can “do” pilates in a wide variety of ways. Group reformer classes, mat classes, studio pilates, clinical pilates, gym pilates, pre and post-natal ....

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  • Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

    Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

    What do you do? A mat pilates class or a mat pilates program? There are so many ways to participate in a pilates class these days, with a big variation in the type of classes and the style of classes, including online. And as mat pilates requires no, or very little equipment, if you are new to mat pilates you might assume that it’s OK to just jump in to a class here and there and get results. But mat pilates is a core strength exercise method and not just a bunch of exercises. It develops movement skills that you then take in to your daily activities and life. And just like any other skill, there is a learning process that requires dedication and practice, both in ....

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  • The C-Curve V The Hump

    The C-Curve V The Hump

    The term “C-Curve” gets thrown around a lot in the pilates world. It’s used to describe the shape you are trying to achieve in all the rolling exercises we do in pilates, including the rollup. If you struggle with the rollup, chances are the shape of your spine when rolling is more of a hump than a c-curve. Our spines have natural curves and the lower back has a curve that goes in to the front of the body. When we do any rolling exercise, the challenge is to engage the abdominal muscles deeply and effectively to take the lower back in to an opposing curve in to the back of the body. Why do we need to do this “unnatural” curving of the spine? To ....

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  • Want to Run Faster?

    Want to Run Faster?

    Are you a runner? What type of runner are you? A recreational, “I just want to get fit” runner? Or… A recreational, “I love competing in fun run events”? Or… You are serious about and love the challenge of half and full marathons and trail running? It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are, improving your performance only makes the running experience more enjoyable. Improved running performance doesn’t necessarily just mean running faster. It includes running more efficiently and using less energy to go the distance, with effective technique that won’t contribute to getting a running injury. And ....

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  • Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

    Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

    Balanced and functional posture is the foundation for all movement in the body and is the foundation of the Pilates method of exercise. Joseph Pilates originally called it a “corrective system of exercising” and was based on correcting weak posture. This is how he advertised his original studio… Prof. Pilates’ Health Studio “Where flat feet, curvature of the spine, protruding stomach, stooped shoulders, hollow chest, hollow back, bowlegs and knock kneed conditions are cured through corrective exercises” Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Well posture isn’t being anything…it just is! Pilates is the only ....

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  • Got a Spare 60 Seconds To Keep Your Back Healthy?

    Got a Spare 60 Seconds To Keep Your Back Healthy?

    So when was the last time you stretched? Do you only stretch when you have been exercising? Or, maybe you don’t even do that!Everybody knows that they “should” stretch, and stretching makes your body feel good, so why don’t people do it? So many issues and injuries could be either prevented or minimised with a daily stretch routine! We talk a lot about the importance of strength, and in Pilates in particular, core strength, but flexibility is so important to the health, function and longevity of the body. Stretching is a natural normal thing to do and animals do it all the time. They don’t spend hours at a time doing a stretch ....

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  • Why Do You Exercise?

    Why Do You Exercise?

    Everybody knows that you should do it to be healthy, increase fitness and maintain a healthy weight. The most important question you can ask yourself is why do you exercise? Do you feel obliged to do it because you “know you should” and to compensate for lifestyle choices that are adding to the deterioration of your health? Or do you understand that exercise is about maintaining your physical fitness and well-being to enhance, support and add to your life experience…for the duration of your life. Organic v Artificial Movement The human body hasn’t changed that much over time but what we do to it certainly has! Our modern lifestyle has drowned ....

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  • The Magic of Mat Pilates

    The Magic of Mat Pilates

    Pilates has literally exploded as an industry and as a mainstream form of exercise in recent time. This is awesome! It’s the start of the realisation of Joseph Pilates original vision of every person in the civilized world having access to his work and all the amazing benefits you get from it. When you add to this the recent explosion of online pilates, so many people now have the ability to participate in pilates classes. But so many people these days only associate the Reformer Bed with Pilates, and miss out on the MAGIC of the pilates mat work, which is the essence and foundation of the exercise method called Pilates. We do love the Pilates Reformer, but not ....

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  • Are You Healthy Every Day?

    Are You Healthy Every Day?

    The power and compounding effect of consistency. One of the many keys to success in any endeavor is consistency. It’s the bridge between where you are today and where you aspire to be in the future and is the sum of compounding efforts repeated every single day, over and over to get the result you want. Quite often these efforts are boring, monotonous and tedious! The success you see some people achieve with their health and fitness is based on doing activities that they simply don’t want to do every day, but they do them anyway. This is the defining difference between success and failure with health and fitness. Some people are willing to do what others are not, and ....

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