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  • What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    Have you ever experienced the battle of the mind and body when it comes to health, fitness and wellness? It can happen to people who are fit and very experienced at training their body and people who’ve never exercised at all. So what is this battle? It’s when your mind wants your body to do something it’s not capable of or when your mind doesn’t “tune in” and pay attention to what your body needs and is screaming at you to do. Sounds obvious right? But, the battle can be subtle and in all my years of working with people, complete balance of mind and body is illusive to many people and the importance of it for health and quality of ....

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  • Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    One of the guiding principles of the Pilates method of exercise is to develop all the muscles in the body to be capable of performing their role in the movement and function of the body. Another is to create great movement and function by placing the highest importance on developing the muscles of the trunk and torso…followed secondarily by developing the limbs. The mat pilates journey of mastering the traditional exercises, like The Scissors, takes you very deeply in to these principles. Whilst The Scissors does involve you moving your legs, and you do need to use the muscles of the legs…the essence of the exercise is not about the legs! As always, you initiate ....

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  • Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

    Mat Pilates Classes v Mat Pilates Programs

    What do you do? A mat pilates class or a mat pilates program? There are so many ways to participate in a pilates class these days, with a big variation in the type of classes and the style of classes. And as mat pilates requires no, or very little equipment, if you are new to mat pilates you might assume that it’s OK to just jump in to a class here and there and get results. But mat pilates is an exercise method and not just a bunch of exercises. It develops movement skills that you then take in to your daily activities and life. And just like any other skill, there is a learning process that requires dedication and practice, both in and out of the classes you attend. ....

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  • Will Mat Pilates Increase My Fitness?

    Will Mat Pilates Increase My Fitness?

    What is fitness? Traditionally, we think of what physical aspects being fit would include: Cardiovascular Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Mobility, Body Composition…and the list could go on and on. But the definition of fitness is changing as we realise that ultimately, what most people want is to have quality of daily life and to age without movement capability being compromised. Instead of having a goal of “being fit”, the goal has shifted to developing physical and mental RESILIENCE to “get you fit” to handle all the challenges life throws at you. What physical and mental resilience means will be different for everyone. A ....

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  • Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

    Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

    With the rapid expansion of the pilates industry over the last five years or so, there’s an abundance of pilates mat classes available for people to chose from. Pilates mat is the most affordable way to practice pilates with most fitness centers and personal training facilities offering classes as part of their group timetable. It requires minimal equipment, and what you learn in class can be practiced at home, where you can embody the pilates principle of daily practice. But here’s the mistake may people make about mat pilates… Just like other fitness or even sporting activities, there is a learning curve. You wouldn’t expect a child to start playing ....

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  • 5 Reasons You Need To Take A Pilates Mat Class

    5 Reasons You Need To Take A Pilates Mat Class

    If you're justgetting started with pilates, you might be having trouble deciding whether you want to takepilates mat classes or pilates reformer classes. The reformer has become symbolic of pilates, but that doesn't mean a mat class isn't worth your time. Don’t get me wrong, the pilates studio equipment including the reformer are amazing, but the pilates mat has incredible benefits that cannot be under rated. The following are unique benefits the pilates mat work offers:
    1. Pilates Mat Teaches You The Foundations
    Pilates is not just defined by it’s exercises. It has six guiding movement principles : Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, ....

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  • Why Pilates Mat Matters

    Why Pilates Mat Matters

    With the rapid growth of the pilates industry over the past 5 years or so, there has been an explosion of group reformer classes. I understand why everyone love the pilates reformer, it’s an amazing piece of equipment that can literally “reform” your body. But… This has unfortunately led to a perception that the pilates mat work is a “poor alternative” to group reformer classes. This is incredibly incorrect!!! Both hold equal value for different reasons. Using the pilates reformer provides a workout that gives you resistance and assistance at the same time. In a small, clinical setting it can be used for injury rehabilitation, pre ....

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  • Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

    Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

    It’s an understandable question to ask. After all, pilates is a form of exercise and participating in an exercise program can help you lose weight, right?? Wrong!! The correct question should read… Will losing weight help me with Pilates?
    And the answer to this question is yes, 100%! OK, this is how it works… Weight loss is very simple, energy in needs to be less than energy out to create an energy deficit for your body to start to use it’s “stored” energy reserves (aka body fat). Now you can manipulate this energy equation by expending more energy with activity that is either long and low intensity or short and high intensity. ....

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  • Why Pilates Prevents Injuries

    Why Pilates Prevents Injuries

    It’s almost become “normal” to have some type of physical injury or issue these days. You only have to look at how many allied health professionals there are to know that many people struggle with some kind of ache or pain and going to the physio/osteo/chiro is routine. Why? Well Joseph Pilates talks about “normal health” in his books and that it’s a natural condition that we all have the birth right to attain. But as the world has developed over the past few hundred years, it’s been at the cost of “normal health”. As a consequence, our modern lifestyle actually causes poor health. This includes the health of our joints, ....

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  • Garuda Method v Pilates Method

    Garuda Method v Pilates Method

    We love the Pilates method of exercise and truly believe that it should be the foundation of any health, fitness and wellness program. It creates inner, postural core strength, flexibility and mobility and develops a strong and functional connection of the mind and body. Joseph Pilates was way ahead of his time when he developed his exercise method, and thanks to his commitment and dedication to his vision, millions of people around the world now benefit from practicing Pilates. But we are on the precipice of a brand new approach to human movement. This is a result of a few things… Technology has allowed us to learn at a level beyond anything we have previously ....

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