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  • You Should Stretch Every Day: Here's Why!

    You Should Stretch Every Day: Here's Why!

    Do you stretch every day? If you do, then a big “high five”! You’re in the minority. Stretching usually doesn’t rate that high on the priority list of daily activities for most people. Yet it’s an activity that can have a profound impact on not only the QUALITY of your daily life, but also the quality of your physical mobility and capability as you AGE…something we are all doing right now, getting older! Just 15 minutes of stretching at the beginning or end of the day (or both) is a proactive way of reducing the risk of health issues or injuries and leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised all at the same time…like taking ....

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  • Mindset Of An Injury

    Mindset Of An Injury

    If you have ever had the misfortune to experience an acute injury, whether it's in the spine, shoulder, knee, foot...or anywhere in the body, you will know that it's not just your body that needs treatment and rehabilitation, it's your mind as well. NOBODY wants an injury! Apart from the pain, which can be debilitating and not much fun at all, it can stop you in your tracks and all of a sudden, your normal daily life is either put on hold or becomes a hundred times harder as you battle pain. Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of injured clients, your mental approach to the injury can be an indication of how long it will take you to recover and also the success of your ....

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  • Do You "Slouch"?

    Do You "Slouch"?

    Stop Slouching!!! Stand up straight!!! Pull your shoulders back!!! Have you heard this before? Maybe you were the person saying it to somebody else or you were told this by a very well-meaning friend or family member. Having worked with hundreds of people over the years, we find posture immensely fascinating. A basic definition of posture is…the position someone hold their body when sitting or standing. This is a very easy definition to understand, but if you were the person on the receiving end of one of the above instructions, it probably didn’t make you feel that good about yourself. In fact, many people refer to their posture as “bad” as if ....

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  • How Stressed Are you?

    How Stressed Are you?

    Stress is a natural, normal response in the human body, but in today’s society it causes major health and well being issues. The stress response is a survival mechanism and when we are in imminent danger…we really do need it. It automatically tells us whether we need to flee a dangerous situation or fight for our survival. Unfortunately, the urgency and quick pace of our modern lifestyle triggers this response every day. If we don’t meet a deadline a work, if you get caught at a railway crossing for 5 minutes, if the kids won’t get ready for school, and all the other little ways that niggle at our stress response throughout the day matter to our health. ....

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  • What Is Pilates?

    What Is Pilates?

    You mention the word pilates these days and most people at the very least would have at least heard of it. It’s hard to believe that although it’s a widely accepted form of exercise now, when Pilates Plus opened in 2009, it was a still on the fringe of mainstream fitness options and a big mystery to a lot of people. With the explosion of the pilates industry in the past few years, there's also been a big expansion in how you can experience pilates and along with that, a misconception that by participating in a class with the word pilates in it, that you are “doing pilates”. Classical pilates, contemporary pilates, authentic pilates, mat pilates, reformer ....

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  • Why Can't I Twist? It Could Be Your Hips!

    Why Can't I Twist? It Could Be Your Hips!

    Yes, that’s correct! When the human body moves, it does so as a complete unit and not just in isolation. Even when you’re trying to “isolate” a muscle, which we very often do in the pilates method of exercise, other muscles work to stabilise or counterbalance. The mechanism of human movement is muscles contracting or shortening to pull bones, this is called your “musculoskeletal system”. But over the last 10-15 years, a new way of looking at the anatomy of the body has emerged. It has not only changed approach exercising, but also why we get injured, how to fix injuries and how we age. It all comes down to something called FASCIA, ....

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  • Twist to Fix Upper Back Pain

    Twist to Fix Upper Back Pain

    Did you know that your spine has sections, and each section has a different job to do? The area between your neck and lower back is called the THORACIC spine or the THORACIC vertebra. This area of the spine is responsible for most of the rotation of the trunk and torso. It also has a naturally occurring rounded curve and all the ribs attach to these vertebra…12 in total! Our modern “sitting” lifestyle doesn’t support great function of this area of the spine and can contribute to upper back pain, tightness and stiffness and even injury. Here are four main reasons people experience upper back pain: POSTURE When posture is functional and ....

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  • Improve Mobility with Pilates Breathing

    Improve Mobility with Pilates Breathing

    Yes, that’s correct! You cannot have true mobility in your spine, and in fact in any of your joints without effective breathing! Really? Yes, really!!! How does Pilates breathing improve mobility? The first clue in answering that question comes from looking at some of the common reasons that joints (including the joints in your spine) lose mobility. LACK OF MOVEMENT Each joint in your body has a certain range of movement. That range of movement is different for each joint, for instance the shoulder joint has a big circular range, but the elbow joint only moves in one direction. Unless you move each joint through it’s full range, it can get stiff and start to ....

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  • Why Pilates Prevents Back Injuries

    Why Pilates Prevents Back Injuries

    It’s almost become “normal” to have some type of physical injury or issue these days. You only have to look at how many allied health professionals there are to know that many people struggle with some kind of ache or pain and going to the physio/osteo/chiro is routine. Why? Well Joseph Pilates talks about “normal health” in his books and that it’s a natural condition that we all have the birth right to attain. But as the world has developed over the past few hundred years, it’s been at the cost of “normal health”. As a consequence, our modern lifestyle actually causes poor health. This includes the health of our joints, ....

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  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Spine!

    10 Tips for a Healthy Spine!

    Your spine is just like any other part of your body and needs daily attention to keep it in tip top condition. Most people don’t think about their spine until something goes wrong with it! A little pro active prevention goes a VERY long way in keeping your spine healthy for daily life and also for the duration of your life! 1. GET GREAT POSTURE What is great posture? Well posture relates to the smaller muscles in your body that keep you upright and help to stabilise your joints. They work all day without you having to think about it. These muscles are either working in a functional and productive way…or not. Great posture is having just the right amount of ....

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