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  • How To Set A Fitness Goal

    How To Set A Fitness Goal

    What’s your mindset when it comes to goal setting? To achieve the health and fitness you want or need, you have to have a plan. This is true for anything you want to achieve in life. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is a well known but very accurate saying. Goals are the end point of a plan. They give you direction and awareness of the steps you need to take to get to where you want to go. So why don’t more people have solid plans and goals for their own health and fitness? Fear of failure. If you don’t set the goal, there’s no opportunity for you to fail at achieving it, right? This is not a good mindset and is usually based on past ....

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  • Motivation v Commitment

    Motivation v Commitment

    It’s about this time of the year that motivation to improve health, fitness and wellness is high. A new year…a new healthier you! But don’t make the mistake of confusing motivation with commitment, they are completely different and to succeed in achieving the “new healthier you”, commitment is the most important of the two. There is a massive misunderstanding that you get motivated and commit to improving your health and fitness. But people who succeed at achieving their goals commit to a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their life in full knowledge and awareness that motivation is a roller coaster and goes up and goes down. The ....

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  • What Pilates Class is Best For Me?

    What Pilates Class is Best For Me?

    If you’ve been thinking about starting a pilates program or maybe getting back to one after a break, with so many pilates options to choose from these days, how do you know which one is right for you? There are a few questions you need to answer before deciding so you’re very clear on why you want to attend pilates classes and what you hope to achieve or what results you want. Why pilates? With so many health and fitness options to chose from, why pilates? The benefits of pilates are quite unique and different from other fitness activities. Correcting postural imbalances, flexibility and mobility, injury rehabilitation and core strength fitness are the main ....

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  • Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    It doesn’t matter what your age is in years, if you’re living on this planet, you are getting older. Our mindset about aging is going through a big transformation with more and more people not accepting the traditional idea of a decline in quality of life as we advance in years. Staying healthy, fit, active and capable of participating in all the life activities that people love to do is the “new old”. That doesn’t equate to some epic sporting performance (although it could), but it could be as simple as being able to play with the kids at the park, getting up and down from the floor, being capable of travel or going for a long walk or having ....

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  • The Truth About "New Years Resolutions"

    The Truth About "New Years Resolutions"

    Did you know that making a n ew year’s resolution is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you really want to improve your health, fitness and wellness. What you really need to do is determine how you want your health, fitness and wellness to be not just in the next year, but for the rest of your life! And the key to achieving your optimum health, fitness and wellness comes down to how much value you put on it, making lifestyles choices and changes and taking a big picture, lifetime approach…not just a “new year” approach. This does not equate to never setting goals! Goals are the road-map to get to where you want to go. But most people view the ....

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  • So You Want Flat Abs?

    So You Want Flat Abs?

    We’ve all seen those photos. You know the ones. Lean and fit people flashing their flat washboard “six pack” all over social media telling you that if you do what they did, you too could have flat abs. If you google “how to get flat abs” over 8 million sites pop up! And on YouTube over 1 million videos. What’s the appeal of flat abs? Why do we want them? Having a lean, fit and healthy body not only makes us full of vitality and energy, but it makes us feel confident in our appearance and we feel strong within ourselves, and flat abs are a part of that. But what about the implications for a persons health and well-being? We all want to ....

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  • How To Practice Pilates At Home

    How To Practice Pilates At Home

    It’s one of the most common questions you get asked as a Pilates instructor. What Pilates exercises can I do at home? And that’s great to be so motivated that you want to practice Pilates at home, but there’s one big issue that keeps on presenting itself and prevents people from doing any personal Pilates practice at home. People!!! After working with hundreds of people over the last 10 years, we've seen people be successful in achieving lifetime fitness and health and many people who don’t. The people who do succeed, have an open mindset about what they need to do to get results and make changes in their daily habits, then take action and practice these new ....

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  • How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    The “Plank” is an exercise that gets used a lot in fitness programs and in Pilates as well, for a good reason. It’s a great exercise for total body strength, including the deep core muscles. Now quite a lot of people attempt to do this exercise and most of them end up doing it incorrectly. This is why... The purpose of doing any exercise is to improve the function of your body by making it stronger, longer, mobile, agile, fitter and healthier. You can not achieve all of the above if you have issues with your posture. Posture is the foundation or framework for your body and when your deep postural muscles aren’t working well, it compromises any ....

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  • 5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    How healthy are your knees? And how do you know what a healthy knee should look and feel like? So many people have issues and pain with their knees these days, it’s almost accepted that as you get older…your knees “will go”! But the knee joint, like all the other joints in your body, if looked after over the course of a lifetime, should last a lifetime. Now there are a lot of reasons for knee pain. It could be due to traumatic injury, like we see with football players. It could be degeneration, or osteo arthritis of the knee joint or some other issue/injury or it could be due to the fact that the 5 actions below have never been done. The great ....

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  • Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

    Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

    Everybody talks about wanting a strong core, which is awesome. Core strength is the foundation for great movement capability, health and wellness and to prevent back pain. But what about your feet? Well, your feet are what you stand on and help you to walk, run and play. Sooo many people have issues with their feet, with Plantar Fasciitis being one of the most common very painful complaints. But, we’re not going to talk about all the different feet issues, there’s a mountain of info you can access very easily online about that. We are going to focus on PREVENTING issues from happening at all. One of the biggest problems feet have these days is our sitting ....

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