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  • Improve Your Walking Routine with Pilates

    Improve Your Walking Routine with Pilates

    Walking is one of the most fundamental movements we do as humans. It’s how we transport ourselves from one place to another. Even if we’re travelling on some form of transport, we have to walk to get to it. It’s such an organic movement that toddlers don’t receive instructions on how to walk…they just do it! Many people walk for fitness, it’s convenient and is a way of getting outdoors. And just like any other fitness activity if it’s done with poor technique it can potentially lead to injury and contribute to long term problems with joints. So, here’s a question for you… What’s your walking posture? Do you think ....

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  • How Healthy is Your Spine?

    How Healthy is Your Spine?

    We all have one! Most people aren’t too aware of it until it starts to cause pain and discomfort either as a little daily niggle, stiffness…especially first thing in the morning, or as a full blown acute “back” injury If you have ever experienced any of the above, you’ll know how debilitating it can be to have an unhealthy spine. Not just from a pain perspective but from a loss of functional mobility, in other words, being unable to do daily activities either effectively or at all. A couple of simple example of this would be… Being unable to bend over to put on your shoes and socks. Not being able to turn your head to reverse the car. ....

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  • Do You Train For Change?

    Do You Train For Change?

    What’s your ultimate end game with your health, fitness, and wellness? Do you exercise and eat well to change or are you happy just getting by? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that what you are doing with your fitness NOW will still be relevant and get you results in the future. We all get older! That is an undeniable fact! And as we age, our body changes, whether we like it or not. And as the body changes, it’s needs change. Now we can not generalize about what those needs are, every person will have very specific needs as they age. A person who has never exercised until they hit 40, will have different needs to a person who has always ....

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  • Why Don't You Stretch?

    Why Don't You Stretch?

    Here’s how the conversation goes… Client: “I’m really tense and tight in my neck and shoulders, they ache at the end of the day and then keep me awake at night” Pilates Teacher: “Do you do any stretching at home?” Client: “No…I know I should” (sheepishly) Pilates Teacher: “OK, do you think you could start doing some simple stretching to release you shoulders before you go to bed?” Client: “I can try, but…….” (Just insert whatever excuse comes straight in to your head) So you might think this is a bit harsh, but this conversation happens over and over again and it's ....

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  • Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    So many people these days are choosing to have active holidays. And the popularity of hikes and treks is growing, it’s a great way to travel and see the world. Preparing for a big hike/trek usually includes a fitness program of some sort and yes, it definitely should include lots of walking. But walking alone won’t prepare your body for the ups and downs you’ll potentially encounter. Strength, flexibility and balance should be the foundation of a hiker’s fitness program. And of course, this is what Pilates provides! Now the biggest issue with hiking and your knees isn’t the uphill climbs, but the downhill descents. When you climb a hill, ....

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  • Pilates - It's a Lifestyle!

    Pilates - It's a Lifestyle!

    The Pilates method of exercise is amazing! That’s why it has exploded globally and is now a mainstream exercise option. It’s the results it gives…there truly is nothing else like it. But as Joseph Pilates himself states, the desired outcome of practicing pilates is to live as long as possible in normal health and enjoy the benefits of a useful and happy life. The pilates exercises are the foundation of “normal health”, as Joseph describes it but he also talks about the lifestyle you need to live on top of practicing the exercise. What he was talking about nearly 100 years ago is still very relevant to what we are dealing with today in regard ....

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  • The Mindset of an Injury

    The Mindset of an Injury

    If you have ever had the misfortune to experience an acute injury, whether it's in the spine, shoulder, knee, foot...or anywhere in the body, you will know that it's not just your body that needs treatment and rehabilitation, it's your mind as well. NOBODY wants an injury! Apart from the pain, which can be debilitating and not much fun at all, it can stop you in your tracks and all of a sudden your normal daily life is either put on hold or becomes a hundred times harder as you battle pain. Your mental approach to the injury is an indication of how long it will take you to recover and also the success of your recovery. Here are some tips for creating a healthy mindset for ....

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  • Pilates is the "New" Strong

    Pilates is the "New" Strong

    The Early Days... Back in the 70's and 80's there really was only one option for fitness training, become a member of a local gym. You would go and do an assessment, get a program, be shown how to do it, then off you went on your own for 3 months until the next assessment. The program was stock standard…15-20 minutes cardio, maybe eight exercises on fixed equipment, crunches and a stretch. There was probably only a handful of females in the gym who were actually doing strength training with most sweating it out in the aerobics room. The Fitness Industry Grow Up... Two changes happened in the fitness industry in the early 90’s that revolutionized how we approach strength ....

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  • Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    One of the guiding principles of the Pilates method of exercise is to develop all the muscles in the body to be capable of performing their role in the movement and function of the body. Another is to create great movement and function by placing the highest importance on developing the muscles of the trunk and torso…followed secondarily by developing the limbs. The mat pilates journey of mastering the traditional exercises, like The Scissors, takes you very deeply in to these principles. Whilst "The Scissors" does involve you moving your legs, and you do need to use the muscles of the legs…the essence of the exercise is not about the legs! As always, you ....

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  • Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    It doesn’t matter what your age is in years, if you’re living on this planet, you are getting older. Our mindset about aging is going through a big transformation with more and more people NOT accepting the traditional idea of a decline in quality of life as we advance in years. Staying healthy, fit, active and capable of participating in all the life activities that people love to do is the “new old”. That doesn’t equate to some epic sporting performance (although it could), but it could be as simple as being able to play with the kids at the park, getting up and down from the floor, being capable of travel or going for a long walk or having ....

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