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  • What is Pilates Strength?

    What is Pilates Strength?

    So it appears that the message is finally getting out there that Pilates isn’t just about stretching and lying on the floor. In fact, Sylvester Stallone, the original tough guy himself is regularly seen posting his Pilates workouts on social media! Take a look at Joseph Pilates! He was so proud of his body! Not so much from an ego perspective, but that he had a perfectly balanced and developed body to provide an example for the rest of humanity to follow. He really was very ambitious!!! Getting your body muscled up the Pilates way will give you toned muscles that are more defined, as well as getting stronger and more capable. There are a few fundamental differences ....

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  • Exercise v Activity

    Exercise v Activity

    Do you know the difference between exercise and activity? You may not even know that they are different! Well they are, and after working with thousands of people over the years, we know that many people get them confused. The lifestyle most of us live today is very different from a few decades ago. It’s fast paced and busy, but the irony is that we are more sedentary than ever. Consequently, we get bombarded with information about “being active”, to compensate for all the inactivity. Walking the dog, taking the kids to the park, walking anywhere as opposed to driving etc., are great activities…but they are not exercise! So, what is exercise? ....

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  • Fascia & The Aging Knee

    Fascia & The Aging Knee

    Everybody knows what a muscle and a bone is. Traditionally this is called the musculoskeletal system. But right now, there is a new ground breaking way of looking at the anatomy of the body, how we move, why we get injured, how to fix injuries and how we age. It all comes down to something called FASCIA, or the neuromyofascial system. This all sounds very technical and hopefully you haven’t mentally switched off, because the implications of learning about this system for your own health and wellbeing are huge!! You probably already know what fascia is. Your Achilles tendon, the ITB, the plantar fascia in the foot, ligaments and tendons, bones and cartilage etc. But ....

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  • 5 Reasons Why Losing Weight Will Improve Your Core & Posture

    5 Reasons Why Losing Weight Will Improve Your Core & Posture

    It's always a good time to talk about losing weight at the start of the year. If getting amazing core strength is on your health and fitness "to do" list this year, it's worthwhile learning how much belly fat you have can have a big impact on your ability to develop core strength!! Below are 5 reasons why getting those few extra "iso" kilos off, will not only make you look and feel better, but create a body that is capable of performing day to day tasks with ease, and also capable of supporting and preserving joint health…including the spine. When you read through them, see how many reasons you can relate to. Then make a conscious decision to take action and do all you ....

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  • Why Pilates Stops The Clock

    Why Pilates Stops The Clock

    Take a really good look at this picture of Joseph Pilates. Yes, it’s a grainy old photo of a man in funny undies, but it is quite a remarkable image. Why? Well the first photo of “younger” Joe is when he was 57 years old, and the older one is of Joe 25 years later (age 82)…standing in the snow (which is all about his philosophy on being outdoors). Now take a moment to think of your current age. Do you believe that it’s possible to still attain peak physical condition in 25 years’ time? The BIGGEST reason that Joe was able to maintain his peak condition well in to his twilight years is…the health of his spine and his ....

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  • Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

    Don't Make This Mat Pilates Mistake

    With the rapid expansion of the pilates industry over the last five years or so, there’s an abundance of pilates mat classes available for people to chose from. Pilates mat is the most affordable way to practice pilates with most fitness centers and personal training facilities offering classes as part of their group timetable. It requires minimal equipment, and what you learn in class can be practiced at home, where you can embody the pilates principle of daily practice. But here’s the mistake may people make about mat pilates… Just like other fitness or even sporting activities, there is a learning curve. You wouldn’t expect a child to start playing ....

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  • Got Text Neck? You Need Pilates!

    Got Text Neck? You Need Pilates!

    There's no getting away from the fact that nearly all of us spend a significant amount of time either looking at our phones or on a laptop/desktop. Ongoing neck and shoulder pain and tension is so common these days that we now have a new term, TEXT NECK POSTURE. Do you have it? If you’ve ever experienced neck of pain, you know that it’s not fun and can potentially lead to issues further down the track that leave you with chronic pain and a diminished quality of life. Not only does TEXT NECK POSTURE have the potential to cause these issues…well, it’s just not a good look! And let’s face it, we all want to look good! As soon as your head ....

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  • So You Want Flat Abs?

    So You Want Flat Abs?

    We’ve all seen those photos. You know the ones. Lean and fit people flashing their flat washboard “six pack” all over social media telling you that if you do what they did, you too could have flat abs. If you google “how to get flat abs” over 8 million sites pop up! And on YouTube over 1 million videos. What’s the appeal of flat abs? Why do we want them? Having a lean, fit and healthy body not only makes us full of vitality and energy, but it makes us feel confident in our appearance and we feel strong within ourselves, and flat abs are a part of that. But what about the implications for a persons health and well-being? We all want to ....

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  • Most People DO NOT Want Health And Fitness

    Most People DO NOT Want Health And Fitness

    We've helped literally hundreds of people over the past 11 years. When we speak to them about what results they wanted to achieve with their health and fitness, one thing for sure wasn’t health and fitness! Let's take a look at what they do want... Over the decades, our approach to health and fitness has gone through some dramatic transformations. In the 1970’s and 80’s we all wanted to cardio ourselves to death to achieve a thin body, and nearly every person was on some crazy new diet. It was all about weight loss no matter how detrimental it was to your overall health and well-being. So we live and learn and here we are heading in to ....

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  • Top 3 Reasons To Do Mat Pilates Online

    Top 3 Reasons To Do Mat Pilates Online

    2020 will go down in history as the year we ended up doing absolutely everything online, including pilates. The mat pilates exercises were specifically developed for people to do at home, no equipment needed! So, the transition to online wasn’t a big leap away from the original philosophy that Joseph Pilates intended over 50 years ago! But it’s the reasons below that really make ONLINE mat pilates one of the fastest growing ways to participate in a class, for all levels of fitness and experience. 1. Convenience One of the biggest challenges with establishing any exercise routine is how to fit it in to an already busy life. Doing online mat pilates classes at ....

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