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  • How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    The “Plank” is an exercise that gets used a lot in fitness programs and in Pilates as well, for a good reason. It’s a great exercise for total body strength, including the deep core muscles. Now quite a lot of people attempt to do this exercise and most of them end up doing it incorrectly. This is why... The purpose of doing any exercise is to improve the function of your body by making it stronger, longer, mobile, agile, fitter and healthier. You can not achieve all of the above if you have issues with your posture. Posture is the foundation or framework for your body and when your deep postural muscles aren’t working well, it compromises any ....

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  • 5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    How healthy are your knees? And how do you know what a healthy knee should look and feel like? So many people have issues and pain with their knees these days, it’s almost accepted that as you get older…your knees “will go”! But the knee joint, like all the other joints in your body, if looked after over the course of a lifetime, should last a lifetime. Now there are a lot of reasons for knee pain. It could be due to traumatic injury, like we see with football players. It could be degeneration, or osteo arthritis of the knee joint or some other issue/injury or it could be due to the fact that the 5 actions below have never been done. The great ....

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  • Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

    Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

    Everybody talks about wanting a strong core, which is awesome. Core strength is the foundation for great movement capability, health and wellness and to prevent back pain. But what about your feet? Well, your feet are what you stand on and help you to walk, run and play. Sooo many people have issues with their feet, with Plantar Fasciitis being one of the most common very painful complaints. But, we’re not going to talk about all the different feet issues, there’s a mountain of info you can access very easily online about that. We are going to focus on PREVENTING issues from happening at all. One of the biggest problems feet have these days is our sitting ....

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  • Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

    Can Pilates Improve My Posture?

    Balanced and functional posture is the foundation for all movement in the body and is the foundation of the Pilates method of exercise. Joseph Pilates originally called it a “corrective system of exercising” and was based on correcting weak posture. This is how he advertised his original studio… Prof. Pilates’ Health Studio “Where flat feet, curvature of the spine, protruding stomach, stooped shoulders, hollow chest, hollow back, bowlegs and knock kneed conditions are cured through corrective exercises” Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Well posture isn’t being anything…it just is! Pilates is the only ....

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  • How To Lunge Without Knee Pain

    How To Lunge Without Knee Pain

    The dreaded lunge! It’s an exercise that can be a real challenge for many people. Not only does it take a lot of energy to do, but if you don’t have the technique right, it can lead to knee pain and soreness. If you are someone who experiences knee pain with lunges, your probably asking yourself right now…why do I need to do lunges anyway? The short answer is that this movement not only creates strength in your lower body, but it also is a movement that you need to be capable of doing to be capable of doing every day activities like housework, gardening, walking upstairs, getting up off a chair, getting out of your get the picture. So now you know ....

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  • Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    So many people these days are choosing to have active holidays. And the popularity of hikes and treks is growing, it’s a great way to travel and see the world. Preparing for a big hike/trek usually includes a fitness program of some sort and yes, it definitely should include lots of walking. But walking alone won’t prepare your body for the ups and downs you’ll potentially encounter. Strength, flexibility and balance should be the foundation of a hiker’s fitness program. And of course, this is what Pilates provides! Now the biggest issue with hiking and your knees isn’t the uphill climbs, but the downhill descents. When you climb a hill, ....

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  • Why Fit & Active People Should Do Pilates

    Why Fit & Active People Should Do Pilates

    Why fit and active people should do pilates
    Pilates has been around for over 100 years now and has shifted from an “alternative” exercise method to a training tool used by most professional athletes and a growing number of “recreational” athletes who are learning the difference between training smarter…not harder! So what is training smarter all about? One of the key functions of Pilates is to get the balance of strength between the supporting or stabilising muscles, and the more dynamic or moving muscles happening. So many sports that “weekend warriors” participate in are highly repetitious. For example, when you go for a bike ....

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  • The Kitchen Bench Butt Workout

    The Kitchen Bench Butt Workout

    Get your butt beach ready...The Pilates Way!

    We all want to look good!

    It’s OK, you can admit it. Looking good (whatever that means to you, because we all have a different opinion of what looking good is), makes you feel confident and gives your self-esteem a big boost.

    And even if you don’t go to the beach, having a toned, tight butt is one of the goals that pops up quite a lot when we are talking to our clients.

    So, I’m going to give you three simple exercises that you can do at home to get your butt in to shape.

    But before I do that, we need to talk about the “Pilates Way” of developing your gluteal muscles and why it’s so important for your ....

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  • Your Butt & Back Pain

    Your Butt & Back Pain

    How healthy is your butt? I’m not talking about how it looks, but how functional are your butt muscles? Technically, they are a group of muscles called the gluteals, or more commonly known as your “glutes”. To simplify what we’re talking about, let's to stick with the term…butt! Your butt muscles play a key role in helping control and support movements of spine, pelvis, hips, and legs. Unfortunately, our new “sitting lifestyle” means that we’re sitting on our butt for long periods of time, leading to tight and weak hip muscles. It’s a major issue for the western world, and lower back pain is more common than the ....

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  • Got Text Neck? You Need Pilates!

    Got Text Neck? You Need Pilates!

    We are living in the technology age and there is no getting away from the fact that nearly all of us spend a significant amount of time either looking at our phones or on a laptop/desktop. Ongoing neck and shoulder pain and tension is so common these days that we now have a new term, “Text Neck Posture” Do you have it? If you’ve ever experienced neck of pain, you know that it’s not fun and can potentially lead to issues further down the track that leave you with chronic pain and a diminished quality of life. Not only does Text Neck Posture have the potential to cause these issues…well, it’s just not a good look! And let’s face ....

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