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  • A Simple Guide to Fixing Back Pain Forever!

    A Simple Guide to Fixing Back Pain Forever!

    Let’s face it, being in pain sucks! It limits what you can do and not only creates a narrow life but can become your life! Is it possible to get rid of back pain forever? Absolutely! We’ve helped hundreds of people get rid of back pain with the amazing pilates method of exercise. Below are the essential elements that will help you overcome chronic or acute back pain. POSTURE Is the foundation for all movement in the body! Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Posture isn’t “good” or “bad”, it’s not being anything…it just is! The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given ....

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  • How To Avoid Falls & Improve Balance

    How To Avoid Falls & Improve Balance

    Unfortunately, balance is one of those aspects of fitness that doesn’t become important to someone until they suffer the consequences of not actively working on it. This usually comes in the form of a fall that results in injury, sometimes quite a nasty one at that. Wrists, elbows and shoulders end up being “brakes” for the falling body and cop a lot of the damage resulting in sprains or sometimes broken bones. Really, any part of the body can get damaged from what appears to be a simple fall. And many elderly people suffer tremendously from falls that result in broken hip joints. If you do unfortunately suffer from a fall, unless a structured rehab program ....

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  • Breathe To Get A Strong Core

    Breathe To Get A Strong Core

    Did you know that your breathing muscles are part of your “core”? The term core strength gets used a lot these days with most people thinking of their abdominal muscles being their “core”. Pilates core strength is so much more than abdominals, it involves all the muscles of the body working in complete coordination and balance which includes the breathing muscles. When you first start pilates, learning the breathing technique takes patience, practice and perseverance but is worth the effort. Without control of the breath, the deep postural muscles don’t get activated in an effective and efficient manner and, yes, you can get the bigger core ....

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  • Do You Suffer In Silence? And How Can Pilates Help!

    Do You Suffer In Silence? And How Can Pilates Help!

    One in four Australians suffer a decreased quality of life due to incontinence, a loss of bladder or/and bowel control. Whilst there are many factors that influence incontinence, the pelvic floor muscles play a vital role bladder and bowel control. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that live in the area of the body that we never really want to talk about…down there! Now every single muscle in your body is there to do a job. Just like a person who works in a big company, the role that they play might appear to be minor, but if one person (or muscle) isn’t contributing and doing their job, then it creates a chain reaction which ultimately leads to the rest of the ....

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  • How To Lunge Without Knee Pain

    How To Lunge Without Knee Pain

    The dreaded lunge! It’s an exercise that can be a real challenge for many people. Not only does it take a lot of energy to do, but if you don’t have the technique right, it can lead to knee pain and soreness. If you are someone who experiences knee pain with lunges, you’re probably asking yourself right now…why do I need to do lunges anyway? The short answer is that this movement not only creates strength in your lower body, but it also is a movement that you need to be capable of doing to be capable of doing every day activities like housework, gardening, walking upstairs, getting up off a chair, getting out of your get the picture. So now ....

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  • Core Strength V Core Stability

    Core Strength V Core Stability

    Did you know that core strength and core stability are not the same? The term “core strength” is well known and most people who participate in pilates classes do so to “strengthen their core”. And there is no doubt that the pilates method of exercise will develop a strong core, but what can sometimes get overlooked is core stability. So what is the difference? Core stability is posture and core strength is movement. The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given time, without you thinking about it because posture is not a conscious “thing” that you do. If you have great core stability, all the joints in your ....

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  • Are You Fit Enough To Sit At A Desk?

    Are You Fit Enough To Sit At A Desk?

    How’s your desk fitness? Yes, desk fitness! Do you have any idea how hard your body has to work to stay upright in a seated position…very! This isn't the type of fitness you get by going to the gym, this is postural fitness. Here’s how you can test your desk fitness. Sit with your feet on the floor pointing directly forward and your spine not resting backwards on the chair at all. Firstly, can you do this without any discomfort in your body and secondly, how long can you do it for without any aches or pains? If your body has postural strength, length and balance, this shouldn’t present any problems and it will be easy to do for hours at a time. If you cannotdo ....

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  • The C-Curve V The Hump

    The C-Curve V The Hump

    The term “C-Curve” gets thrown around a lot in the pilates world. It’s used to describe the shape you're trying to achieve in all the rolling exercises we do in pilates, including the rolldown. If you struggle with any of the pilates rolling exercises, chances are the shape of your spine when rolling is more of a hump than a c-curve. Spines have natural curves and the lower back has a curve that goes in to the front of the body. When we do any rolling exercise, the challenge is to engage the abdominal muscles deeply and effectively to take the lower back in to a curve that doesn't occur naturally, in to the back of the body. Why do we need to do this ....

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  • How Healthy is Your Spine?

    How Healthy is Your Spine?

    We all have one! Most people aren’t too aware of it until it starts to cause pain and discomfort either as a little daily niggle, stiffness…especially first thing in the morning, or as a full blown acute “back” injury If you have ever experienced any of the above, you’ll know how debilitating it can be to have an unhealthy spine. Not just from a pain perspective but from a loss of functional mobility, in other words, being unable to do daily activities either effectively or at all. A couple of simple example of this would be… Being unable to bend over to put on your shoes and socks. Not being able to turn your head to reverse the car. ....

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  • You Should Stretch Every Day: Here's Why!

    You Should Stretch Every Day: Here's Why!

    Do you stretch every day? If you do, then a big “high five”! You’re in the minority. Stretching usually doesn’t rate that high on the priority list of daily activities for most people. Yet it’s an activity that can have a profound impact on not only the QUALITY of your daily life, but also the quality of your physical mobility and capability as you AGE…something we are all doing right now, getting older! Just 15 minutes of stretching at the beginning or end of the day (or both) is a proactive way of reducing the risk of health issues or injuries and leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised all at the same time…like taking ....

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