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  • A Simple Guide to Fixing Back Pain Forever!

    A Simple Guide to Fixing Back Pain Forever!

    Let’s face it, being in pain sucks! It limits what you can do and not only creates a narrow life but can become your life! Is it possible to get rid of back pain forever? Absolutely! We’ve helped hundreds of people get rid of back pain with the amazing pilates method of exercise. Below are the essential elements that will help you overcome chronic or acute back pain. POSTURE Is the foundation for all movement in the body! Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Posture isn’t “good” or “bad”, it’s not being anything…it just is! The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given ....

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  • Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    Mat Pilates - It's Not About the Legs

    One of the guiding principles of the Pilates method of exercise is to develop all the muscles in the body to be capable of performing their role in the movement and function of the body. Another is to create great movement and function by placing the highest importance on developing the muscles of the trunk and torso…followed secondarily by developing the limbs. The mat pilates journey of mastering the traditional exercises, like The Scissors, takes you very deeply in to these principles. Whilst "The Scissors" does involve you moving your legs, and you do need to use the muscles of the legs…the essence of the exercise is not about the legs! As always, you ....

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  • Motivation v Commitment

    Motivation v Commitment

    Health, fitness and wellness has never been more critical than right now. How motivated are YOU to create bullet proof health, fitness and wellness? Maybe you are, but don’t make the mistake of confusing motivation with commitment, they are completely different and to succeed in achieving a “bullet proof” body, commitment is the most important of the two. There is a massive misunderstanding that you get motivated and commit to improving your health and fitness. But people who succeed at achieving their goals commit to a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their life in full knowledge and awareness that motivation is a roller coaster and goes up and ....

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  • So You Want Flat Abs?

    So You Want Flat Abs?

    We’ve all seen those photos. You know the ones. Lean and fit people flashing their flat washboard “six pack” all over social media telling you that if you do what they did, you too could have flat abs. If you google “how to get flat abs” over 8 million sites pop up! And on YouTube over 1 million videos. What’s the appeal of flat abs? Why do we want them? Having a lean, fit and healthy body not only makes us full of vitality and energy, but it makes us feel confident in our appearance and we feel strong within ourselves, and flat abs are a part of that. But what about the implications for a persons health and well-being? We all want to ....

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  • What Is Pilates?

    What Is Pilates?

    You mention the word pilates these days and most people at the very least would have at least heard of it. It’s hard to believe that although it’s a widely accepted form of exercise now, when Pilates Plus opened in 2009, it was a still on the fringe of mainstream fitness options and a big mystery to a lot of people. With the explosion of the pilates industry in the past few years, there's also been a big expansion in how you can experience pilates and along with that, a misconception that by participating in a class with the word pilates in it, that you are “doing pilates”. Classical pilates, contemporary pilates, authentic pilates, mat pilates, reformer ....

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  • The Mindset of an Injury

    The Mindset of an Injury

    If you've ever had the misfortune to experience an acute injury, whether it's in the spine, shoulder, knee, foot...or anywhere in the body, you will know that it's not just your body that needs treatment and rehabilitation, it's your mind as well. NOBODY wants an injury! Apart from the pain, which can be debilitating and not much fun at all, it can stop you in your tracks and all of a sudden your normal daily life is either put on hold or becomes a hundred times harder as you battle pain. Your mental approach to the injury is a good indication of how long it will take you to recover and also the success of your recovery. Here are some tips for creating a healthy mindset for ....

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  • Is Your Posture Aging You?

    Is Your Posture Aging You?

    Many people refer to posture as “good” or “bad” and mostly relate it to how their body looks. But how your posture looks is really just the outer layer of what’s actually going on with the function, fitness and health of your ability to move and keep yourself upright. Posture isn’t bad or good, it’s functional and strong or dysfunctional and causing problems. According to Joseph Pilates, the spine is the “ridgepole of the body” and is the most important aspect of posture. “If your spine is inflexible and stiff at 30 you are old, if it is completely flexible at 60 you are young” Joseph Pilates. The aging ....

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  • 5 Reasons You Need To Do Mat Pilates

    5 Reasons You Need To Do Mat Pilates

    If you're justgetting started with pilates, you might be having trouble deciding whether you want to do mat pilates or reformer pilates at a studio/ The reformer has become symbolic of pilates, but that doesn't mean a mat pilates isn't worth your time. We're not saying that pilates studio equipment including the reformer aren't amazing, but the mat pilates has incredible benefits that cannot be under rated. The following are unique benefits the pilates mat work offers: 1. Pilates Mat Teaches You The Foundations Pilates is not just defined by it’s exercises. It has six guiding movement principles : Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and ....

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  • Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    Why Pilates is "Anti Aging"

    It doesn’t matter what your age is in years, if you’re living on this planet, you are getting older. Our mindset about aging is going through a big transformation with more and more people NOT accepting the traditional idea of a decline in quality of life as we advance in years. Staying healthy, fit, active and capable of participating in all the life activities that people love to do is the “new old”. That doesn’t equate to some epic sporting performance (although it could), but it could be as simple as being able to play with the kids at the park, getting up and down from the floor, being capable of travel or going for a long walk or having ....

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  • Why Don't You Stretch?

    Why Don't You Stretch?

    Here’s how the conversation goes… Client: “I’m really tense and tight in my neck and shoulders, they ache at the end of the day and then keep me awake at night” Pilates Teacher: “Do you do any stretching at home?” Client: “No…I know I should” (sheepishly) Pilates Teacher: “OK, do you think you could start doing some simple stretching to release you shoulders before you go to bed?” Client: “I can try, but…….” (Just insert whatever excuse comes straight in to your head) So you might think this is a bit harsh, but this conversation happens over and over again and it's ....

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