Garuda Pilates

Garuda’s results are striking.  Increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being. Garuda draws deeply on mental focus, and teaching the principle of relaxation within movement. The result is a stronger, leaner body, improved posture and true ease of movement and mind…

What is it?

In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a sacred mythical bird that changes shape according to its function. It’s a fitting name for this new exercise method, which is unique in its versatility, flexibility and precision of movement.

Garuda Pilates exercises are limitless and work every area of your body. The classes are designed to be challenging and fun. All of the exercises are systematically devised to bring your mind back into exercise while making your body the leanest, strongest and most flexible it has ever been.

Who should Garuda Pilates?

Anyone who wants to work on mobility, flexibility and core strength. This class is not suitable if you are injured or pre-natal and requires a basic knowledge of the Pilates method.

When is it?

There are several class times available in our always expanding group timetable. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE GROUP TIMETABLE

How To Get Started..

  1. Call us on 9532 1141to book a FREE no obligation consultation and assessment where we will chat to you about your specific goals, do a postural assessment and an introduction to the fundamentals of pilates.
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Need more info on Garuda before coming in for a consultation ?

CLICK HERE, and ask away with any question you have and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours