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At Pilates Plus Fitness Studio, we're committed to giving our community the best possible fitness training, no matter the circumstances. Whether you're stuck at home for the quarantine or simply a stay-at-home mum who doesn't have the bandwidth to come to our studio in Highett, our online Pilates classes will bring you the same top-notch training you'd get in person. Sign up for your first class and see for yourself the difference that Pilates can make in your life.

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Why Take Our Online Pilates Classes?

We live in strange times, but no matter whether you're stuck at home under unusual circumstances or you simply aren't able to make the trip to Pilates Plus Fitness Studio, we want to empower you with the ability to maintain powerful fitness, have great health, and live your best life. Through online Pilates classes, you'll get the same quality instruction you're accustomed to receiving at our Highett studio, or if you're a new member, you'll be introduced to the best Pilates experience available in Highett and the surrounding suburbs of Cheltenham, Hampton and Sandringham.

Our online Pilates classes will allow you to:
  • Stay fit, strong, and healthy without leaving your home
  • Get instruction from Highett's very best
  • Enjoy stress relief and a boosted immune system
  • Gain a sense of community and accountability

classes are one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellness. With our online Pilates classes, you'll get all of the benefits of a great Pilates workout on your own schedule. Since you can't join us in Highett, do the next best thing: enroll in our online Pilates classes and get personalized instruction from our knowledgeable instructors. 

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The world can be chaotic, but that doesn't mean your fitness routine has to stop. Online Pilates classes will give you all the tools you need to stay healthy, build confidence, and enjoy life throughout even the most difficult times. Try your first Pilates class with us and we guarantee you'll be coming back... either through our virtual platform or to our studio in Highett.

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