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It has been one of those “six degrees of separation” experiences that has led to Michele becoming a Pilates Plus team member. Way back in my “aerobics” days...we are talking the late 1980’s, I used to teach classes at a gym in Prahran called Kicks.It was a very happening place, with lots of lycra and pumping aerobics classes of up to and sometimes over 100 people.

And it just so happened that Michele was one of those people.

She owned a business just under the gym and not only did she participate in my classes, but I used to frequent her beauty salon business.Then she sold the business, got married and moved to the USA...never to be seen again (or so I thought)!

Fast forward 20 or so years and I’ve opened Pilates Plus in Highett and who should walk in the door one day...yes you guessed it! Michele was not only living in Highett, but she was in fact my neighbor!!! Living in the same street, directly opposite me!!!

Now she is part of the team and I am thrilled to have her on board. I’ll let Michele tell you in her own words about her Pilates journey from participant to Pilates professional...

I first discovered the benefits of Pilates in 1988 when for no apparent reason I suddenly experienced excruciating pain in both legs. Panic set in.

How could this happen? I’m fit and strong. I’m in the gym every day. I live for aerobics!

I don’t have time for this!!

Fortunately Craig Phillips at Sports Medicine Centre in Prahran could see me within the hour. Forty five minutes later I walked out of the first Pilates Clinic in Melbourne, relatively pain free and armed with a home exercise routine.

I was later diagnosed with a prolapsed L4, L5-S1 and a prolapsed thoracic disc.

Since then I have fallen back on the Pilates method of exercise whenever I have had “issues”: with my back, neck, headaches, knees……Like most people, once the pain was gone I would stop doing the exercise. After all….”I don’t have time for this!”

After an extensive career in the Health Care industry I am now very much aware that prevention is far better than the cure.I decided that I was tired of always using “band aid” treatments every time I hurt myself. It was time to start taking care of my body as a whole.

Build strength from the inside. So back I went to Pilates and this time was going to stay with it.

A year later, as a client at Pilates Plus I feel stronger than I ever have. I’m more flexible then I was in Ballet class at 10 years old. Now I look forward to how my Pilates practice will help me as I age. Everyone in the community deserves to feel strong and confident in their body as I do.

My goal is to help people achieve this and I can do so by teaching the Pilates method of movement.


Thanks to the encouragement and support of Loretta and the team at Pilates Plus I will soon hold a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction, (10537NAT) and will join their team as an Instructor, and I can’t wait!

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