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I first met Trudy and her daughter Lucy back in 2011.

They were local Highett residents and had received one of those annoying flyers in the letterbox, advertising Pilates Plus, no doubt with client success stories on it, saying how great Pilates is and how they now feel great…blah, blah, blah.

Little did Trudy know that she would end up being on of those Success Stories!

It was actually Lucy that dragged Trudy along to an initial consultation where we chatted about their health and fitness goals and I explained how we worked with our clients.

I can actually recall the day we did this, and how excited the Pilates Plus team were to have both of them come on board as clients.

A lot has happened since then. Lucy got married and now lives in the country and Trudy has had a few personal challenges along the way that would have given her a very valid excuse to just give up on her health and fitness goals.

But instead of giving up, she has actually had an absolute mindset shift and this year, has lost over 20kgs and is one of our strongest clients…at 63 years of age!



She participates in the Early Birds Outdoor Training Program, training at 6am Monday, Wednesday and Friday...yes, during winter and the only time that she misses training is if she is traveling with work.

It’s A Partnership

We work very hard at Pilates Plus to provide our clients with great Pilates and Fitness programs.

But we are just as passionate about providing our clients with all the support and accountability they also need to achieve their health and fitness goals.

We meet regularly with each client for a personal coaching session, resetting goals, changing programs to align with those goals and keeping you focused on “why” you want to achieve them.

We also ask each client to sign an agreement, stating that they will do their part and take a proactive approach and take personal responsibility for their health, fitness and well being.

And that is what Trudy did!

(Although sometimes we get the impression that being held accountable can be a little annoying…lol)

When you put that together with the weekly support of Pilates Plus trainer Anna, who teaches the Early Birds Program….it’s a perfect storm of success!


Don’t Take My Word For It

Trudy was very happy to tell her story in the hope of inspiring more people to never give up on themselves, no matter how hard it might feel to keep on going. Here she is…


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