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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    Are Your Knees Fit To Hike?

    So many people these days are choosing to have active holidays. And the popularity of hikes and treks is growing, it’s a great way to travel and see the world. Preparing for a big hike/trek usually includes a fitness program of some sort and yes, it definitely should include lots of walking. But walking alone won’t prepare your body for the ups and downs you’ll potentially encounter. Strength, flexibility and balance should be the foundation of a hiker’s fitness program. And of course, this is what Pilates provides! Now the biggest issue with hiking and your knees isn’t the uphill climbs, but the downhill descents. When you climb a hill, ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Fascia & The Ageing Knee

    Fascia & The Ageing Knee

    Everybody knows what a muscle and a bone is. Traditionally this is called the musculoskeletal system. But right now, there is a new ground breaking way of looking at the anatomy of the body, how we move, why we get injured, how to fix injuries and how we age. It all comes down to something called FASCIA, or the neuromyofascial system. In fact, there is a documentary about to be released called The Secret Life of Fascia (see the trailer below)…I can not wait to see it! I know this all sounds very technical and hopefully you haven’t mentally switched off, because the implications of learning about this system for your own health and wellbeing are huge!! You ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - 5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    How healthy are your knees? And how do you know what a healthy knee should look and feel like? So many people have issues and pain with their knees these days, it’s almost accepted that as you get older…your knees “will go”! But the knee joint, like all the other joints in your body, if looked after over the course of a lifetime, should last a lifetime. Now there are a lot of reasons for knee pain. It could be due to traumatic injury, like we see with football players. It could be degeneration, or osteo arthritis of the knee joint or some other issue/injury or it could be due to the fact that the 5 actions below have never been done. The great ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Why You Need To Do A Pilates Retreat

    Why You Need To Do A Pilates Retreat

    If you read Joseph Pilates books and do a bit of research on his life, he spent a lot of time away from his studio which was in the heart if New York. He had a little shack in a place called Jacobs Pillow. This is where he would invent, create and build the equipment we now use universally in Pilates. He wrote a lot about the concept of what we call today “work-life balance” and the relevance of “work, rest and play” to our health and wellbeing. Life today is so biased towards work which unfortunately contributes to a swag of health and well being issues like stress, mental exhaustion, sleep issues, body aches and pains and a feeling of “never ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Injury Rehab Mistakes

    Injury Rehab Mistakes

    It’s now five weeks since I broke my wrist and time to think about starting a rehab program. It got me thinking that probably most people don’t have an in depth understanding of the rehab process and the specific steps that are required to get full movement capability returned to not only the injured area, but to the body as an entire system. This lack of understanding can lead to some mistakes being made which may contribute to a longer than necessary rehab time or even worse, sending the injury rehab back a few steps. The first phase of any injury…is when the injury happens! This is when you apply the “rest is best” principle to control ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Your Butt & Back Pain

    Your Butt & Back Pain

    How healthy is your butt? I’m not talking about how it looks, but how functional are your butt muscles? Technically, they are a group of muscles called the gluteals, or more commonly known as your “glutes”. To simplify what we’re talking about, I’m going to stick with the term…butt! Your butt muscles play a key role in helping control and support movements of spine, pelvis, hips, and legs. Unfortunately, our new “sitting lifestyle” means that we’re sitting on our butt for long periods of time, leading to tight and weak hip muscles. It’s a major issue for the western world, and lower back pain is more common ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Reformer Pilates vs Mat Pilates

    Reformer Pilates vs Mat Pilates

    Pilates has literally exploded as an industry and as a mainstream form of exercise over the past five years. This is awesome! Pilates is an exercise methodology and an approach to developing great movement capability, correcting any postural imbalances and rehabilitating injuries or issues in the body. It doesn’t matter if you are using the pilates equipment or using just a mat to do the work, if you are just performing the exercises without fully understanding the method behind them, then you are not practicing pilates! There are many ways that you can practice pilates. Right now, there is a lot of attention being placed on what’s called “Reformer ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Learn This From My Injury

    Learn This From My Injury

    It can happen to absolutely anyone…including me! One minute you’re going about your day, the next minute you’re on the ground rolling around in shock and pain. I’ve always had a very strong confidence and belief in my physical capability, so when I get injured (which has happened quite a few times over the years), it’s a shock that it’s actually happened. When I did a backwards free fall stepping off a chair after fixing a blind, it was in the blink of an eye that I knew I had done a lot of damage to my wrist but was also outraged that I had fallen at all! Could I have prevented the fall? Maybe if I had stepped back with more care. But ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Why Walking Isn't Enough

    Why Walking Isn't Enough

    We are in fact the only creatures on the planet that do it! Walking is one of the most fundamental and natural movements we can do as human beings. An infant moves from crawling to walking without having to “learn” how to do it, they just do it naturally, we are wired to do it and it’s part of our innate ability to survive. Then we get to the other end of life and our ability to walk becomes significant for our survival also. Nobody wants to become so incapacitated that they are no longer able to walk either unaided or at all. Our survival then becomes fully reliant on other people taking care of us and our daily life experiences diminish significantly. ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio - Do you have happy feet?

    Do you have happy feet?

    Everybody talks about wanting a strong core, which is awesome. Core strength is the foundation for great movement capability, health and wellness and to prevent back pain. But what about your feet? Well, your feet are what you stand on and help you to walk, run and play. Sooo many people have issues with their feet, with Plantar Fasciitis being one of the most common very painful complaints. But, we’re not going to talk about all the different feet issues, there’s a mountain of info you can access very easily online about that. We are going to focus on preventing issues from happening at all. One of the biggest problems feet have these days is our sitting ....

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