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  • Core Strength V Core Stability

    Core Strength V Core Stability

    Did you know that core strength and core stability are not the same? The term “core strength” is well known and most people who participate in pilates classes do so to “strengthen their core”. And there is no doubt that the pilates method of exercise will develop a strong core, but what can sometimes get overlooked is core stability. So what is the difference? Core stability is posture and core strength is movement. The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given time, without you thinking about it because posture is not a conscious “thing” that you do. If you have great core stability, all the joints in your ....

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  • What Is Strength?

    What Is Strength?

    Have you ever thought about what strength is and how you get it? The Joseph Pilates definition of strength, is having a uniformly developed body with every single muscle strong and functioning to it’s maximum capacity and working in synergy. These days we call this functional strength. When you have functional strength, there are no limitations or restrictions to your movement and you can perform daily tasks easily and efficiently. It’s the natural, normal state your body should be in!And this is what the Pilates method of exercise is designed to do. Unfortunately, these days, we have come to think of having functional strength as the exception rather than ....

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  • Fascia & The Ageing Knee

    Fascia & The Ageing Knee

    Everybody knows what a muscle and a bone is. Traditionally this is called the musculoskeletal system. But right now, there is a new ground breaking way of looking at the anatomy of the body, how we move, why we get injured, how to fix injuries and how we age. It all comes down to something called FASCIA, or the neuromyofascial system. This all sounds very technical and hopefully you haven’t mentally switched off, because the implications of learning about this system for your own health and well-being are huge!! You probably already know what fascia is. Your achilles tendon, he ITB, the plantar fascia in the foot, ligaments and tendons, bones and cartilage etc. But ....

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  • How Strong is Your Spine?

    How Strong is Your Spine?

    The Pilates method of exercise is renowned for its ability to develop core strength. In fact, it’s the number one goal of most people who start pilates…to have a strong core. But what about your spine? We know that the term core strength includes all the muscles of the trunk and torso, including the spine muscles, but is spine strength your number one focus? Joseph Pilates described the spine as “the ridge pole” of the body, which requires incredible strength and flexibility, (both with equal importance) to keep us upright and to enjoy a healthy and happy spine over a lifetime. “Civilization impairs physical fitness” is a quote from Joseph ....

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  • 3 Tips To Improve Your Mat Pilates

    3 Tips To Improve Your Mat Pilates

    One of the positive outcomes of the current global pandemic is that MAT PILATES has become the hero of the pilates world. Joseph Pilates developed the original 34 exercise for people to do at home without the need for equipment. Becoming skilled and accomplished in these exercises gives you an incredible ability to stay strong and fit no matter where you are. The key to becoming skilled in MAT PILATES is to practice until instead of DOING pilates in a class, it becomes embedded and part of how your body moves and functions each day without thinking about it. Apart from practicing pilates there are some actions you can take to improve your MAT PILATES, making it more ....

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  • Proactive or Reactive? Which one are you?

    Proactive or Reactive? Which one are you?

    This concept appears to be so simple and easy to understand yet when it comes to health, fitness and well-being, many people don’t get this.
    We have been and still are, experiencing an ongoing health crisis in western society(apart from the current pandemic) with"lifestyle" contributing to health issues which on the whole are preventable. So, are you proactive or reactive about your health, fitness and well-being? Here are some questions to ask yourself about which approach you are inclined to take.
    Do you go to the doctor when you are sick to get a cure? Or do you go to the doctor to work out a plan with her/him to prevent yourself from getting sick?
    Do ....

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  • Motivation v Commitment

    Motivation v Commitment

    Health, fitness and wellness has never been more critical than right now. How motivated are YOU to create bullet proof health, fitness and wellness? Maybe you are, but don’t make the mistake of confusing motivation with commitment, they are completely different and to succeed in achieving a “bullet proof” body, commitment is the most important of the two. There is a massive misunderstanding that you get motivated and commit to improving your health and fitness. But people who succeed at achieving their goals commit to a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their life in full knowledge and awareness that motivation is a roller coaster and goes up and ....

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  • How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    How To Do The Perfect Plank, It Starts With Posture

    The “Plank” is an exercise that gets used a lot in fitness programs and in Pilates as well, for a good reason. It’s a great exercise for total body strength, including the deep core muscles. Now quite a lot of people attempt to do this exercise and most of them end up doing it incorrectly. This is why... The purpose of doing any exercise is to improve the function of your body by making it stronger, longer, mobile, agile, fitter and healthier. You can not achieve all of the above if you have issues with your posture. Posture is the foundation or framework for your body and when your deep postural muscles aren’t working well, it compromises any ....

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  • What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    Have you ever experienced the battle of the mind and body when it comes to health, fitness and wellness? It can happen to people who are fit and very experienced at training their body and people who’ve never exercised at all. So what is this battle? It’s when your mind wants your body to do something it’s not capable of or when your mind doesn’t “tune in” and pay attention to what your body needs and is screaming at you to do. Sounds obvious right? But, the battle can be subtle, complete balance of mind and body is illusive to many people and the importance of it for health and quality of life isn’t realised. The modern ....

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  • 5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    5 Tips For Healthy Knees

    How healthy are your knees? And how do you know what a healthy knee should look and feel like? So many people have issues and pain with their knees these days, it’s almost accepted that as you get older…your knees “will go”! But the knee joint, like all the other joints in your body, if looked after over the course of a lifetime, should last a lifetime. Now there are a lot of reasons for knee pain. It could be due to traumatic injury, like we see with football players. It could be degeneration, or osteo arthritis of the knee joint or some other issue/injury or it could be due to the fact that the 5 actions below have never been done. The great ....

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