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Personal fitness has always been a high priority for me, having worked for 20 years as an IT Specialist.  I first experienced Pilates doing matwork classes at the gym over 12 years ago and it’s been an essential part of my fitness routine since..

Exercise always makes me makes me feel better; physically, mentally and emotionally.  In particular, the motivation I get in a group exercise environment. 

After the birth of my lovely daughter Elektra 3 years ago I joined Pilates Plus Fitness as a client. It was here that my passion for the Pilates method emerged. I became posturally stronger, more flexible and my body became more sculpted.

As a disciplined meditator, Pilates provides me a true mind and body experience.  With principals such as breathing, precision, flow and concentration, it enables me to control and balance my body and mind, focusing on the quality of a movement. I get both a physical and mental workout. 

I decided not to return to IT and undertook a professional Pilates teaching education, and my goal is to instill the same motivation and passion for the Pilates method to clients that I work with. 

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