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  • Finally the message is getting through that real men do Pilates. Well only if they want to have an awesome core, flexibility and improve sports performance!

    Real Men Doing Real Pilates
  • Stuart
  • It’s going to happen to everyone and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it! Getting older!!

    But what you can do is still be in peak physical condition…no matter how old you are, just like Joseph Pilates in the picture below at the ripe old age of 82!

    Gone are the day of dragging out the “it’s just age” excuse every time you find it challenging to stay on track with your health and fitness.

    We have clients who are well in to their 70’s who are kicking butt!

    Although Julie hasn’t quite hit the 70 mark, still being a spring chicken at 66 years old, she has transformed from someone who had no confidence in her ability to move to doing exercises that people half her age struggle with!

    The number one factor that has enabled Julie to get such great results is having an open mind and rejecting the notion that AGE=INABILITY. Because it doesn’t!

    So be inspired by a grandmother of 7 who is also working 4 days a week and who just gets on with it!

  • Top Australian amateur golfer Darcy Brereton talks about how Pilates has helped with his golf performance and will be a permanent part of his training on his quest to become professional next year.

  • Grace, Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio Testimonials

    I have been a client of Pilates Plus since its inception in 2009. Loretta and her team have worked with me over the years to keep me physically able to maintain the demands of long distance running, in events ranging from the marathon to 160 km. Since starting with Pilates Plus, I have dramatically decreased the amount of “down” time due to injury, and have not had a running-related injury for 3 years now. I am extremely happy with these results. As I move into my late 40s and beyond, I want to ensure I continue to run for as long as possible and I am confident that with weekly pilates sessions I will be able to do this.

  • Alan, Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio Testimonials

    Pilates Plus has been a key factor in improving my golf. Fellow players have remarked how I have improved my rotation and ability to hit through the ball with a more even swing. Of course this increased flexibility is due to the Pilates and Garuda programs that I have undertaken at Pilates Plus. What has amazed me is that I am stronger and more flexible now, even though I am years older. I realise I need to practice more, however, I am really pleased with the results so far having brought my handicap down from 32 to 19! So for any golfers out there who want extra assistance to help improve their game, then consider a program at Pilates Plus!

  • Merryn, Pilates Plus Lifestyle Studio Testimonials

    I had a moderate level of fitness before I started at Pilates Plus Fitness and I always thought pilates was a low impact “alternative” exercise. Well I cannot believe how much pilates has opened my eyes and inspired me. I am honestly amazed at how much inner strength it has helped me achieve and how much my general fitness has improved as a result of it. I have mild scoliosis, but with the support from my terrific trainers, I have improved core strength , greater awareness of how to move my body and as a result I have dramatically improved my posture. I stand taller and straighter, so much so that at a recent doctor’s checkup I was 2cm taller than the last he measured me! It is empowering and I love the challenge. As a 41yo working mum, Pilates is my time!



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