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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - How To Prevent An Injury

    How To Prevent An Injury

    If you've ever been injured, you'll know that recovering and getting back to where you were with your fitness can be a challenge. Nobody wants to be injured! It’s painful and frustrating and can incapacitate you either in your daily life or in the sporting activities you love to do. So how do you prevent an injury from happening? Let’s first look at the different types of injuries there are before we answer that question. The most obvious is an acute traumatic injury that occurs from an outside force. We’ve all seen elite sports people get carried off the field, having been knocked over by another player and ending up with an acute injury. Or you might be ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - Do You Train For Change?

    Do You Train For Change?

    What’s your ultimate end game with your health, fitness, and wellness? Do you exercise and eat well to change or are you happy just getting by? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that what you are doing with your fitness now will still be relevant and get you results in the future. We all get older! That is an undeniable fact! And as we age, our body changes, whether we like it or not. And as the body changes, it’s needs change. Now we can not generalise about what those needs are, every person will have very specific needs as they age. A person who has never exercised until they hit 40, will have different needs to a person who has always ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

    Have you ever experienced the battle of the mind and body when it comes to health, fitness and wellness? It can happen to people who are fit and very experienced at training their body and people who’ve never exercised at all. So what is this battle? It’s when your mind wants your body to do something it’s not capable of or when your mind doesn’t “tune in” and pay attention to what your body needs and is screaming at you to do. Sounds obvious right? But, the battle can be subtle and in all my years of working with people, complete balance of mind and body is illusive to many people and the importance of it for health and quality of ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - What is a Pilates Retreat?

    What is a Pilates Retreat?

    Pilates Plus opened it’s doors in October 2009, but it was really “born” 1 year before, when I sat down and made the decision to bring Joseph Pilates’s vision and life’s work to as many people as I could. I’ve always had a passion for helping people with their health and fitness. This comes from a personal passion for being fit and healthy myself and my “happy place” is when I’m being active, whether it’s in the pilates studio, spin room or outdoors. I made a career out of it and pushed the boundaries of my own physical capabilities and loved it! Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you are fit and healthy! The ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - So You Want Flat Abs?

    So You Want Flat Abs?

    We’ve all seen those photos. You know the ones. Lean and fit people flashing their flat washboard “six pack” all over social media telling you that if you do what they did, you too could have flat abs. If you google “how to get flat abs” over 8 million sites pop up! And on YouTube over 1 million videos. What’s the appeal of flat abs? Why do we want them? Having a lean, fit and healthy body not only makes us full of vitality and energy, but it makes us feel confident in our appearance and we feel strong within ourselves, and flat abs are a part of that. As a fitness and pilates professional, I’m more concerned with the implications for ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - Why You Need Balance

    Why You Need Balance

    Unfortunately, balance is one of those aspects of fitness that doesn’t become important to someone until they suffer the consequences of not actively working on it. This usually comes in the form of a fall that results in injury, sometimes quite a nasty one at that. Wrists, elbows and shoulders end up being “brakes” for the falling body and cop a lot of the damage resulting in sprains or sometimes broken bones. Really, any part of the body can get damaged from what appears to be a simple fall. In the elderly person, the hip and pelvis are especially vulnerable. Unless a structured rehab program is followed, it can leave the person susceptible to future ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - What Is Strength?

    What Is Strength?

    Have you ever thought about what strength is and how you get it? The Joseph Pilates definition of strength, is having a uniformly developed body with every single muscle strong and functioning to it’s maximum capacity and working in synergy. These days we call this functional strength. When you have functional strength, there are no limitations or restrictions to your movement and you can perform daily tasks easily and efficiently. It’s the natural, normal state your body should be in! Unfortunately, these days, we have come to think of having functional strength as the exception rather than the norm. We think that it’s normal to have aches and pains, ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - The NEW Health & Fitness Mindset

    The NEW Health & Fitness Mindset

    If we look back at the past 40-50 years, our world has changed dramatically, and our lifestyle has changed along with it. Lifestyle is a tricky one to define, but I’ll give it a go. If we look at the word, it’s describing how we “style” our life. This can encompass a never-ending range of areas of life, including how we “style” our daily routines and activities, our work/family/life balance and how our life-style impacts our health, fitness and well-being. Unfortunately, many people’s lifestyles are contributing significantly to health and wellness issues that not only reduce the quality of life but may in some people reduce the length ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - How To Practice Pilates At Home

    How To Practice Pilates At Home

    It’s one of the most common questions you get asked as a Pilates instructor. What Pilates exercises can I do at home? And that’s great to be so motivated that you want to practice Pilates at home, but there’s one big issue that keeps on presenting itself and prevents people from doing any personal Pilates practice at home. People!!! I’ve been working with people’s health and fitness for many decades and have seen people be successful in achieving lifetime fitness and health and many people who don’t. The people who do succeed, have an open mindset about what they need to do to get results and make changes in their daily habits, then take action ....

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  • Studio Pilates in Highett - Pilates Plus - The Mindset of an Injury

    The Mindset of an Injury

    If you have ever had the misfortune to experience an acute injury, whether it's in the spine, shoulder, knee, foot...or anywhere in the body, you will know that it's not just your body that needs treatment and rehabilitation, it's your mind as well. NOBODY wants an injury! Apart from the pain, which can be debilitating and not much fun at all, it can stop you in your tracks and all of a sudden your normal daily life is either put on hold or becomes a hundred times harder as you battle pain. As a veteran of many injuries myself over the years and working with hundreds of injured clients over the years, your mental approach to the injury is an indication of how long it will take ....

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